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Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending Your Constitutional Rights Since 1997

No one should ever take criminal allegations against them lightly, especially if it leads to an arrest. If you or someone that you know got arrested in Denton because of a criminal offense or are currently being investigated for a crime, then you should not handle the situation alone. I know that you must be feeling anxious and stressed. A criminal charge can have a serious impact on your career, family, finances, and future.

A well-experienced Denton criminal defense attorney like Sanjay Biswas Attorney at Law can help you in protecting your rights and defending your interests.

Denton Criminal Defense Lawyer
fighting for your rights.
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Denton is tough when it comes to crimes. If you or someone that you know has been charged in Denton or in any nearby area, then it is crucial for you to note that the law enforcement officers and prosecutors will do their best to ensure that you get punished to the full extent of the law. This means that you will get charged with high fines, imprisonment for many years, the loss of professional licenses, and restrictions on your certain rights that may include your right to vote. There are many more consequences that you may have to face when a criminal offense is alleged against you and you get convicted for it. It can even lead to you losing your job and your loved ones. It can also ruin your overall reputation and ability to lead a normal life as you will have to deal with a lot of social consequences.

There are a lot of people who think that it is not important to fight less serious criminal charges, however, it must be kept in mind that it is a major mistake that one can make. Even the smallest of criminal charges can cause you serious negative consequences and make your life hard.  Moreover, if you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law again, having a previous conviction on your record – minor or not – will likely mean facing additional penalties.


“...responsive, professional, and gets results”

"Sanjay is truly the best Lawyer that you can utilize. He’s extremely responsive, professional, and gets results. I can’t express my gratitude towards him enough. My case worked out favorably because of Sanjay. He’s not just the best choice but should be your only choice."

Ian O
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“...fights hard for his clients”

“Sanjay is an excellent attorney. He has the knowledge and experience to really help his clients. He fights hard for his clients and really cares about doing his best work. I highly recommend Sanjay.”

Gina B
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“...really helped me with my cases”

“Sanjay is a great lawyer, he has really helped me with my cases, and I’m very satisfied with the way he was upfront with me from the beginning. I’m happy I found him, I would highly recommend him.”

Kristin C
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“...very efficient, detail-oriented, and quick”

“Sanjay did some legal work for me and was very efficient, detail-oriented, and quick to resolve my issue. I would highly recommend him.”

Rusty W
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“...took out the time to work with me”

“Even when I seemed frustrated he still took out the time to work with me and understand me and give me the results I was looking for. Also nice cool friendly”

Wanwan K
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“...very helpful and knowledgeable”

“Sanjay was very helpful and knowledgeable when I needed legal advice and representation. Very professional and also personable. I would recommend him to anyone needing his services.”

Bob S
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Meet Sanjay Biswas
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sanjay Biswas was born in Yorkshire, England in 1971 and moved to the U.S. at the age of five. He went to Tulane University and graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. He graduated from Tulane Law School in 1997 and also has an L.L.M. in Admiralty Law from Tulane Law School.

“My focus is on protecting your rights and providing the best  possible defense if you are arrested.”

He has mainly had a solo practice since graduating from law school in 1997. He practices mainly criminal law and is licensed in Texas and Louisiana. He resides in Frisco, Texas.

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Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers
Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers
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National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers
Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers
DUI Defense
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Sanjay Biswas Cares About You & Your Case
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Building a Criminal Defense

Each case has its unique circumstances, therefore it is important to understand them and build the case accordingly by weighing all the evidence. In order to determine all the relevant facts, several steps are carried out that include:

  • Reviewing the police report
  • Interviewing all the relevant witnesses
  • Seeking out hidden evidence

Doing all these steps are incredibly important as they will help in uncovering the client’s innocence and mitigating the punishment.

Sanjay Biswas Attorney at Law has considerable experience in all phases of pre-trial investigation, conducting discovery, and preparing legal motions. At trial, he is highly skilled at questioning and cross-examining witnesses. He will fight your case for an acquittal and ensure that your innocence is proved by presenting the relevant evidence. Sanjay Biswas also makes sure to present alternative theories of the crime just for the client’s acquittal. There are some cases where it is not possible for a complete acquittal, however a reduction in the charges is guaranteed, depending on the circumstances of the case. Even if the client gets convicted, he will continue to advocate for the client if there are any grounds for appeal.

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Sanjay Biswas Attorney at Law will meet with and help you prepare your defenses to criminal charges that you face. The goal is to provide you with comfort, guidance, and legal direction, and representation when you have been charged with a crime. For more information, please get in touch with our Denton Criminal Defense Lawyer today.