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Denton Underage DWI LawyerA person can be charged with underage DWI in Denton if he or she is a minor and is driving a vehicle while being drunk in Denton. If the underage driver gets convicted, then the conviction will be added to his or her juvenile criminal record permanently that can cause a hindrance in the driver’s educational opportunities in the future. If you or someone that you know on a personal level has been charged with underage DWI, then it is critical that you hire an experienced and devoted Denton underage DWI attorney like Sanjay Biswas Attorney at Law today.

Denton Underage DWI

The laws of Denton for underage drunk driving are strict and there is no tolerance for it at all. Therefore, if a police officer suspects a minor driver to be drunk and underage while driving a vehicle, then the officer will arrest the driver even if he or she has consumed a very small amount of alcohol. There is no “legal limit” for the purpose of a DWI committed by a minor.

According to Texas state law, a minor can be charged with underage DWI if he or she is driving a motor vehicle or a watercraft while being intoxicated. A minor or juvenile in Denton is someone who is between the age of ten and seventeen. Someone who engages in such activity while being intoxicated for the second time will have to face some very serious consequences.

Consequences Of Underage DWI Charges In Denton

Underage persons in Denton who are convicted of underage drinking and driving face the same DWI penalties as adult drivers. The punishments for a Class C offense will include fines, probation, imprisonment, community service, suspension of license, etc. Since a minor will not be carrying a registered license, therefore his or her SR-22 license will get suspended. The requirement to do so can sometimes follow them into adulthood, thereby resulting in devastating financial consequences for years to come. There are different conditions that can have an impact on the severity of your punishment. These may include your age and previous criminal records. A person who has been charged with DWI charges for the second time will have to face even more harsh punishments. Therefore, one must not take these charges lightly and take action to defend themselves immediately in order to avoid any serious problems in the future.

Legal Defenses

If you or your child has been arrested for underage drinking there are some defenses. A well-experienced lawyer in Denton will be aware of all these legal defenses that can protect the minor. One of the legal defenses for such cases includes emergency medical assistance for another minor. According to this, the minor was in a medical emergency to drive another minor while being drunk. The minor driver must make sure to contact the relevant medical personnel and law enforcement officers and cooperate with them fully.

There are several other defenses available which you can benefit from the legal representation of Denton Underage DWI attorney Sanjay Biswas Attorney at Law.

Hiring A Denton Underage DWI Lawyer

I am aware that due to peer pressure, a lot of young drivers get into trouble, which is why it is very crucial to educate these minors about the results of their actions. It must be noted that one poor choice made for fun can affect your entire life and have a negative impact on your education and career. Denton underage DWI attorney, Sanjay Biswas understands how an underage DWI charge can impact a person’s future. He will diligently pursue every avenue of defense available. For more information and to discuss your case, call our law firm today.